Su 4 voleliais HRB-4 (hidr.)

DURMA HRB-4 Series Roll Bending Machine

“Fast, Accurate and Easy to Operate”
Four plate rolls are more precise, productive, versatile, faster,
safer and easier to operate than three roll machines.
They are less dependent on operator competence.
Ideal for bending plates up to 200 mm thick.

Robust machine body and construction ensure long machine life and low maintenance. High torque drive system allows HRB to achieve shorter cycle times. User friendly control units makes it possible to be less dependant on operator competence.

HRB-4 Roll Bending today, tomorrow and forever with you.

    Up to 8000 mm Bending Lenghts
    Up to 200 mm Bending Thickness
    Accurate, Easy to Operate, Fast and Reliable
    Flat zone of the part is minimized
    Pre-bending, conical bending and ellipse bending can be done easily
    Double pre-bends (both ends) in one pass
    The sheet reference is maintained by tightening of top and bottom rolls
    Most desirable bending operation for CNC applications
    More efficient for cycle times
    Hydraulic and electrical systems have been safeguarded from overloading and require minimum maintenance.
    Hydraulic and electrical components are modual and designed according to world standards

    PLC control system
    Conical bending
    Induction hardened rolls
    Stress relieved steel construction body
    High tensile carbon steel rolls
    Sealed spherical roller bearings
    2 rolls drive system (Upper roll Ø 200 mm – Ø 430 mm)
    4 rolls drive system (Upper roll <Ø 430 mm)
    Fixed top roll (Upper roll Ø 200 mm – Ø 430 mm)
    Hydraulic opening cover
    Welding possibility on the machine
    Electronic synchronized rolls
    Mechanical synchronized bottom rolls
    Adjustable pinching pressure
    Overload protection
    Safety wire around the machine and emergency stop button on control panel
    Manual lubrication
    User manual

    NC Control Unit
    CNC Control Unit
    Polished rolls
    Adjustable turning speed (NC, CNC Standard)
    Vertical or horizontal working position
    Hydraulic vertical support preparation (Full / Mechanical)
    Hydraulic vertical support
    Side support preparation (Full / Mechanical)
    Hydraulic side supports
    Hydraulic side supports with double joint
    NC included side and vertical supports
    Interchangable top roll
    Longer rolls for profile bending and special bending rolls
    Oil cooling
    Oil heating
    Automatic centralized lubrication system
    Hydraulic roll crowning system
    Plate feeding platform with alignment unit
    Special plate support systems
    Loading, unloading systems
    Seperate power cabinet
    Special solutions for wind tower projects

    HRB-4 Technical Specifications
    Min. Int. Dia ØDmin
    HRB-4 SerieBending LenghtPre-Bending CapacitiesBending CapacitiesBending CapacitiesTop RollBottom RollSide RollsMax. Pass ThroughLenghtWidthHeightWorking HeightWeightMotor PowerMin. Additional top roll diameterHydraulic Tank Capacity
    L(mm)S(mm)S(mm)S(mm)Ød (mm)Ød (mm)Ø (mm)A (mm)U (mm)G (mm)Y (mm)C (mm)(kg)(kW)Ø (mm)I
    HRB-4 20062050467170170140153600970114086529205,514090
    HRB-4 2008205068102002001903038301160118084043407,5200160
    HRB-4 201020508101221019018030383011601180835445011200160
    HRB-4 2013205010131523021019030383011601180825457011200160
    HRB-4 20162050131618270250220504260166015901155800015270400
    HRB-4 20202050162022300270220504260166015901140850018,5270400
    HRB-4 20252050202528330300240504260166015901125920022270400
    HRB-4 203020502530333603302706045102060205015101395030360600
    HRB-4 203520503035384003702906545102060205014901530037360600
    HRB-4 25132550131315270250220504760166015901155884015270400
    HRB-4 25162550161618300270220504760166015901140960018,5270400
    HRB-4 251625502525283603302706050102060205015101515030360600
    HRB-4 30083100681023021019030488011601180825580011200160
    HRB-4 3010310081012270250220505310166015901155970015270400
    HRB-4 301331001013153002702205053101660159011401060015270400
    HRB-4 301631001316183303002405053101660159011251160018,5270400
    HRB-4 302031001620223603302706055602060205015101665022360600
    HRB-4 302531002025284003702906555602060205014901830030360600
    HRB-4 303031002530334304003207055602060205014752050037360600
    HRB-4 3035310030353846044036010556842280237517673150037+22430830
    HRB-4 304031003540444804553709056842280237517573500045+22430830
    HRB-4 3050 *31004050535205004101656085263027872045450002×37+305001100
    HRB-4 3070 *310050707465061050015063703240366028257200045+456301700
    HRB-4 3090 *3100709095760720600190710038004290333311000055+557302200
    HRB-4 40104100810123303002405063101660159011251410015270400
    HRB-4 401641001316184003702906565602060205014902130022360600
    HRB-4 402041001620224304003407065602060205014752381037360600
    HRB-4 402541002025284604403609066842280237518753900037+22430830
    HRB-4 403041002430334804553709066842280237518654300045+22430830

    * On mentioned models : Ø Dmin= Ødx2 (pre bending) ; Ødx4 (bending)

    The mentioned values above is only works for 240 N/mm²
    Different material and widths ; can be calculated by DURMA Roll Bending Calculator Conic bending capacities depends on the angle and half value of mentioned values above Weight and motor powers optionally goes higher levels with additionals.