XS 900

IMET XS 900 semiautomatic hydraulic maxi line saw

The semiautomatic hydraulic maxi line saws embody the best sawing technology and the best performance in the cutting of special steel.
Electrowelded structure and steel sawframe meet every cutting needs and eliminates vibration and noise.
Another distinctive feature of this machine are the rollers for the positioning of the material which are driven by an oleodynamic motor.
Finely ground TCT blade guides are hydraulically tensioned for maximum precision and squareness of cut.
The sawblade is tensioned by means of an hydraulic cylinder controlled by the machine software.
The hydraulic unit is equipped with a variable capacity pump, complete with pressure reducer.
During the cutting cycle the software compares the blade stress with the pre-selected one. Thanks to this system the sawing machine can stop without problem if there are some considerable changes.
For cutting till 900 mm. round and square.


    Ballscrews for the movement of the saws frame XS 900

    In the semi automatic hydraulic maxi line saws XS the movement of the saw frame is powered via recirculating ballscrews and gear motor controlled by an inverter for a precise and constant descent of the saw frame.

    Control panel XS 900

    The band saws XS model comes standard with a mobile control panel so that all functions and drives are always at the operator’s hand.

    Motorized Roller Table XS 900

    The material is supported by a table with seven rollers powered by hydraulic orbital motor that allows to position the material with precision, even with maximum loads.

    Minimal lubrication system OPTIONAL

    It is possible to require , for all Imet machines, the minimal lubrication system , it avoids the dispersion of refrigerant liquid typical in the use of emulsifiable oil, the life of the blade is not in any way affected.

    Motorized chip conveyor XS 900

    As standard the bandsaws XS 900 have a motorized chip conveyor hydraulically powered, easy to be cleaned.

    Mobile Blade Guide XS 900

    In the sawing machines XS 900 the mobile blade guide is automatically kept as close as possible to the cutting area, to ensure greater precision and absence of vibrations during the working phases.


    Roller Tables RTS XTECH

    Roller tables with free rolls ,standard element with length of 2 meters, beam structure in electrowelded steel of big dimensions with 5 heavy rolls on a central pivot, and bearings on both sides and two vertical rollers. Upon request double couple of vertical rollers with adjustable width (in case of bundle cutting) and coolant collector. Prepared for the ground fixing and with possibility of regulation of the height.

    XS 900
    Area Angular Cut ° 90
    Cutting capacity at 90°: round / square mm. 900/900
    Blade dimensions mm. 9300 x 67 x 1.6
    Inclinationf of the blade ° 0
    Blade Motor Power KW 11
    Blade speed mt/min. 14 ÷ 60
    Motor Hydraulic Unit KW 3
    Capacity Tank Hydraulic Unit Lt 80
    Capacity Coolant Tank Lt 220
    Dimensions ( B x L x H ) mm. 4485 x 1680 x 3150
    Height of the Working-table mm. 790
    Weight Kg 8.450
    Type of functioning semiautomatic
    Suitable for cutting: Steel / cast iron / high-strength steels / superalloys