IMET xt4* High production twin column bandsaw

High production twin column bandsaws, XT4 is suitable for a variety of cutting requirements,combining advanced technology with an extremely solid mechanical structure.
It has one system that allows the vices to ‘back off’ to avoid the blade rubbing on the cut surface during the ascent of the sawframe for the following cut.
The added advantage of this design enables the use of high performance TCT bandsaw blades. Hydraulically pressure of ground TCT blade guides for maximum precision and squareness of cut.
With the option “Short Batch & ‘One Off’ Sawing” there is the possibility to cut not completely the material section in automatic cycle.
Automatic Trim Cut option, if the material has an accettable pre sawn face, it will be accurately & automatically located relative to the blade ‘zero’position. This feature saves time and cuts down on material wastage.
All operating functions of the machine, errors and problem solving messages are clearly displayed.
A device for checking the accuracy/ squareness of the cut, with automatic adjustment or stopping of the sawframe descent speed in the event of blade deviation.
Cutting capacity at 90 °: Round and square 360 mm.
*The modem for Industry 4.0, teleservice and remote control is supplied as an optional


    Minimal lubrication system OPTIONAL

    It is possible to require , for all Imet machines, the minimal lubrication system , it avoids the dispersion of refrigerant liquid typical in the use of emulsifiable oil, the life of the blade is not in any way affected.

    Chips conveyor XTECH

    All automatic twin column bandsaws XTECH have the motorized chip conveyor hydraulically driven , have the rapid fitting for quick extraction in case of chip obstruction or cleaning.

    Detachment of the blade

    The sawing XTech 410 and 630,as standard, have the possibility of detachment of the material during the ascent of the blade, the operator can choose between: disconnecting front only, rear only or both. This feature is handy for bundle cutting and it is indispensable in the case of use of hard metal blades.

    Bundle cutting OPTIONAL

    On the sawing line XTech it is possible to request the hydraulic device for the bundle cutting, consisting of two vertical cylinders which allows to make cuts up to a minimum diameter of 20 mm. Download the brochure to view the saw cutting capabilities.



    Roller Tables RTS XTECH

    Roller tables with free rolls ,standard element with length of 2 meters, beam structure in electrowelded steel of big dimensions with 5 heavy rolls on a central pivot, and bearings on both sides and two vertical rollers. Upon request double couple of vertical rollers with adjustable width (in case of bundle cutting) and coolant collector. Prepared for the ground fixing and with possibility of regulation of the height.

    IMET XT 4
    Area angular cut ° 90
    Cutting capacity at 90°: round / square: mm. 360 / 360
    Cutting capacity at 90°: rectangular with cutting bandle mm. 360 x 350
    Blade dimensions mm. 5900 x 41 x 1.3
    Inclination of the Blade ° 0
    Blade Motor Power KW 5.5
    Run of feeder carriage (repeatable) mm. 500
    Feeder motor power KW 1.5
    Scrap end mm. 20
    Blade speed mt/min. 15÷150
    Motor Hydraulic Unit KW 3
    Capacity Tank of Hydraulic Unit Lt 60
    Capacity Coolant Tank Lt 100
    Dimensions ( B x L x H ) mm. 2800 x 1794 x 2210
    Height of the Working-table mm. 877,5
    Weight Kg 3.500
    Minimum cuttable length mm. 15
    Type of Functioning semiautomatic/automatic CNC
    Suitable for Cutting Steel / cast iron / high-strength steels / alloys