KTECH 502 F2000 INDUSTRY 4.0 READY Twin column automatic double miter saw

The K-Tech 502 F2000 , the natural development of the automatic version of the KS 502, has its movements guided by supports on heavy load balls type linear guideway, CNC control for clamps and arc rotation.
Control of cutting angles by encoder and inverter, optimized selection of cuts via cnc for multiple operations with simple guided programming.
It has an integrated keyboard with CNC control on 3 axes, large RAM memory, LCD display for guided setting of cut parts with the necessary angles, possibility of cutting with double angle on one side.
The numerical control allows to set and save over 300 cutting programs with different shapes,quantities and lengths.
Monoblock column and frame with conveyor in an electrically welded solid steel structure. High precision of positioning thanks to the linear hardened guides and to the recycling screw with a diameter of 32 mm, controlled by inverter.
Steel saw frame with tubular cross section; table for material supported by a central preloaded bearing. Adjustable bearings with conical rollers on a swinging pin. Single-block longlife gearmotor.
Blade tension 1700 Kg/cm2 with blade guide runners adjustable with hard metal inserts and guide bearings.
Adjustment of the force and speed of saw frame descent with separate controls, to adapt the cutting parameters to the type of material.
Total stroke 2050 mm, minimum scrap end 165 mm at 0°. Minimal lubrication system as standard.
End of the cut with tilted blade – minimum 5° on 450 mm ensure better penetration, increased blade life and rapid action.
Cuuting capacity : round till 310 mm., square till 280 mm. and rectangular till 450×270 mm.
*The modem for Industry 4.0, teleservice and remote control is supplied as an optional

    Sensor Device KS

    All KS saws are fitted as standard with an approaching sensor device for automatic detection of the starting point of cutting.



    Roller tables KS

    Roller tables with free rolls to be used both on loading side and unloading side , with electrowelded steel structure, element of 1,5 meters, support pads and a pedestal. Fitted for the ground fixing and with possibility of regulation of the height

    Vertical Rollers RTSKS

    In case that your sawing machine mounts the bundle cutting device, it is advisable to request some vertical containment rollers for the material to be cut.

    KTECH 502 F2000 INDUSTRY 4.0 READY
    Area angular cut ° -30/90/+30
    Cutting capacity at 90°: round / square / rectangular mm. 350 / 335 / 500 x 325
    Cutting capacity at 90°: rectangular with cutting bundle mm. max 500 x 250 min 160 x 40
    Blade dimensions mm. 4250 x 34 x 1.1
    Blade Motor Power KW 2.2
    Run of feeder carriage (repeatable) mm. 2050
    Feeder motor power KW 0.75
    Scrap end mm. 250
    Blade speed mt/min. 18 ÷ 100
    Motor hydraulic unit KW 0.75
    Tank Capacity of the hydraulic unit Lt 20
    Capacity coolant tank Lt 3
    Dimensions ( B x L x H ) mm. 4120 x 2300 x 2180
    Height of the work-table mm. 810
    Weight Kg 2200
    Minimum cuttable length mm. 30
    Type of functioning semiautomatic/automatic CNC
    Suitable for cutting: Steel / cast iron / high-strength steels