H 800 NC F 1500-3000 INDUSTRY READY

IMET H 800 NC F 1500-3000 INDUSTRY 4.0 READY Fully automatic CNC twin column bandsaws

Fully automatic CNC twin column bandsaws for straight cut only, with hydraulic lowering of the bow. Conceived and projected especially for cutting profiles structural steel work beams, tubes and also solids.
The CNC driver allows to set and memorize more than 90 cutting programs, with different cutting lengths and quantities.
Display LCD for visualization of: the cutting phases and working anomalies.
The speed of feeding and the force of cutting can be regulated by the console.
Registrable band guides with hard metal pads and guided bearings.
The mobile band guide is automatically kept as near as possible to the cutting area.
Electronic Inverter for variable blade speed.
“Clean cut” due to cooling system with minimal lubrication to cut long pipe and profile without any leakage of coolant.
Cutting capacity at 90 °: Round 680 mm., square 640 mm. Rectangular 820 x 610.
*The modem for Industry 4.0, teleservice and remote control is supplied as an optional.


    Blade Tensioning KTECH

    Blade tensioning through electromechanical system controlled by the CNC of the machine.

    Rulliere KTECH

    Loading / Unloading Roller tables with free rollers, completable with measurement system. Please contact us for more technical features.

    H 800 NC F 1500-3000 INDUSTRY 4.0 READY*
    Area angular cut ° 90
    Cutting capacity at 90°: round / square / rectangular mm. 680 / 640 / 820 x 610
    Cutting capacity at 90°: rectangular with cutting bundle mm. 800 x 350
    Blade dimensions mm. 7960 x 41 x 1.3
    Blade Motor Power KW 5.5
    Run of the feeder carriage (repeatable) mm. 1500 or 3000
    Feeder motor power KW 1.5
    Scrap end mm. 150
    Blade speed mt/min. 15 ÷ 100
    Motor hydraulic unit KW 1.5
    Tank Capacity of the hydraulic unit Lt 20
    Capacity coolant tank Lt 3
    Dimensions ( B x L x H ) mm. 5850 x 3600 x 2700 ( F3000 )
    Height of the work-table mm. 820
    Weight Kg 4460 ( F3000 )
    Minimum cuttable length mm. 30
    Type of functioning semiautomatic/automatic CNC
    Suitable for cutting: Steel / cast iron / high-strength steels