PP-114 poliravimas

Cesurbend PP-114 Pipe Polishing Machine

Product Details:
PP-114 Pipe polishing machine is the ideal choice to cleaning and polishing the surface of round, oval and elliptical pipe.
PP-114 with the gear system of pipes allows to get the best results in the corrugated pipe.
Automatic feeding system pushed in straight pipe safely and automatically to the end of the process station to ensure these appropriate and high yields results.
2 set of abrasive belts included as Standard equipment(With seperate motor).
Manual pipe clamping adjustment.
Fixing attachment fort he motor.
Opening cover for changing the belts and cleaning.
Holder for manual feding.
Can polish bended pipes.
No need to turn the material on auto feeder system model PP-114.

    Technical information
    Working Capacity (mm)10-114
    Max.Length of Feeder (mm)355
    Number of Abrasive Belt2
    Rotation Speed of Abrasive3-22
    Belt Dimension (mm)940 x 50
    Engine Power (kW)5
    Machine Weight (kg)265
    Machine Width (mm)1000
    Machine Length (mm)1000
    Machine Height (mm)1300