UNICOM7000-XL Large Vertical machining and turning center

4 m Y-axis

4 m diameter

Big advantages This extra large capacity machining solution for turning and milling really big parts offers more clearance in the Y-axis and can be stepped up in the X-axis to 5 metres. Like the Unicom 7000, this multi-task portal machine manages to deliver high output without sacrificing accuracy or quality. The standard configuration includes a vertical carousel turning station, head changer and pallet changer for big pallet sizes. With less handling and fewer setups lead times are shorter, boosting productivity of extra large work pieces.

Bigger is better
With a multi-task machining centre, extremely large components can be finished on the one machine. This cuts down handling time and results in shorter lead times. The Unicom 7000-XL is a highly adaptable and functional machine that removes large quantities of steel very quickly. Its pallet loading stations allow setup to take place during the machining cycle, which raises productivity even further.
Reliable processing
With its two-stage gearbox drive for milling and turning, the Unicom 7000-XL achieves high torque and high rotational speed. The machine’s ram with its turning tool adapter allows ‘plunging’ into the part as well as the use of short, stable tools. And the in-process measuring probe, which ensures reliable processing of tight fits, saves time.
Repeatable accuracy
The Unicom 7000-XL has an in-process measuring probe, which functions without needing a tool change. This also means that repeatability of the setup station can be guaranteed to a few microns. What’s more, even higher accuracies in end products are achieved since there are fewer machining setups to start with. For convenience, there is just one tooling system in the whole machine for the turning and milling operations. And for safety, there’s a fully enclosed cabin.

Pallet changer
Right angular indexing head
Universal indexing head
5-axes configuration
In-process measuring

Work area
X-axis3.500 – 5.000 mm
Y-axis2.500 – 4.000 mm
Z-axis1.600 mm
Vertical clearance2.000 / 2.300 mm
Table size2.000 – 4.000 ø mm
Swing circle3.000 – 4.500 ø mm
Gear box driven spindle and values42 Kw
6.000 min-1
1.600 Nm
Carousel turning station70 / 95 kW
33.000 / 70.000 Nm
Taper sizeHSK100A / Capto C8
Number of pockets# 97 – 200
Tool change time10 sec
Rapid traverse40.000 mm/min
Feed Rate5-40.000 mm/min