SPH 50

KOVOSVIT SPH 50 CNC lathe machine

CNC SPH 50 lathes resolve in a productive and effectivemanner, the technology of tooling long heavy shafts, cylinders and axles.

CNC SPH 50 lathes typify the heavy version of these lathesand are recommended mainly for power machining – roughing operations.

CNC SPH 50 D lathes are designed for precise machining of form complicated parts of the shaft character.

CNC SPH 50 DS lathes are designed for precise machiningof form complicated parts of the shaft character. The machine is equipped with auxiliary counter-spindles

CNC Lathes
This cnc lathes are equipped with two independent-controlled turrets enabling machining with two tools at the same time. The tool turrets are situated on the upper bed guideways. They are oriented with tool plates to face each other in a mirrored way. The turrets are 8-position in the SPH 50, or 12-position in the SPH 50D and SPH 50 DS. They are electrically controlled and the SPH 50 D and SPH 50 DS can additionally use driven tools. The left turret enters the space above the headstock, the right one above the tailstock. Travels in the Z axis partially overlap, however, the minimum distance between the turret flange faces is 400 mm in the SPH 50, (320 mm in the SPH 50 D and SPH 50 DS). cnc lathes.

Max. turning dia: 550 mm
Max. turning length: 3 000 mm
Max. Workpiece weight: 2 500 Kg
Max.output S1: 100 kW

Machine basic concept

The cast bed is a box concept. The leading areas are declined by 30° from the vertical position. The upper leading area is steel, hardened (hardness 600-730 Hv) and grinded. The lower leading areas are a combination of hardened, steel and cast lines (400 HB). The bed is mounted to the cast iron base filled with forming material. On the base there are fixation areas for the base of the main motor, the covering and for the load-bearing constructions of the machine nodes. On the upper bed there are electric conductors and individual pipes that are easily accessible for the operator and other staff. The condensate and lubrication oil are collected back into the hopper for the chip conveyer by drilled channels in the bed. cnc lathes.

Control systemyesyesyes
Remote diagnosticsyesyesyes
Portable panel with manual wheelyesyesyes
Axis C on the counter spindlenonoyes
Modification for connection of equipment for monitoring the Prometec cutting processyesyesyes
Modification of the connection of Marpos equipment (active checking of the part)yesyesyes
Locking of the switchboard dooryesyesyes
Euro or Bona paintyesyesyes
Set of tools for serviceyesyesyes
Conversation English / Germanyesyesyes
User manual for the machine and main components, recording and testing of precisionyesyesyes
Positioning of the spindle at 3°yesyesyes
Cooling unit (+ 50C ÷ + 450C)yesyesyes
Adaptation for manipulatoryesyesyes
Lighting signalling of machine operationyesyesyes
Clamping KFD-HS 400/UVN 215 + draw rodnoyesno
Clamping cylinder UVN 215noyesno
Draw rod driveyesnono
Clamping Forkardt 3 LZD 500yesnono
Chip conveyoryesyesyes
Cooling Z1 3000/Syesyesyes
Cooling Z2 3000/Syesyesyes
Treatment of BS cutting liquidyesyesyes
Tank for cutting liquid 900 lyesyesyes
Rest SMW SLU4 including inlets, holder, distribution, controlyesyesno
Rest SMW SLU3.1 – left – firm + slidenonoyes
Rest SMW SLU3.1 – right – firm + slidenonoyes
Adaptation for hydraulic pressing by counter-spindlenonoyes
Clamping cylinder non-passable – left spindlenonoyes
Clamping cylinder, two-stroke, non-passable, counter-spindlenonoyes
Cooling Z1 3000/S and magnetic filtrationnonoyes
Cooling Z2 3000/S and magnetic filtrationnonoyes
Exhaustion of vapoursyesyesyes
Air distributionyesyesyes
Saddles for partsyesyesno
Movement of cover 3000yesyesyes
Active work-piece inspectionyesyesyes
Base materialyesyesyes
Lifting equipmentyesyesyes
CNC control systemSIEMENS 840 DSIEMENS 840 DSIEMENS 840 D
Working range
Swing dia. over bed760 (*910)760760
Max. turning dia. right/left turretmm530 / 530530 / 400530 / 400
Min. turning lengthmm300030002700
Max. workpiece weightkg250025002500
Operating spindle
Spindle noseA15A11A11
Spindle boremmØ 125Ø 120Ø 135
Main drive
Output S1 / S6 – 40%kW100 / 13660 / 8028 / 42
Torque S1 / S6 – 40%min-14400 / 60001700 / 27001680 / 2525
Max speedmin-12100280028000
Speed stages222
Auxiliary counter spindle (electrospindle)
Spindle noseA8
Spindle boremmØ65
Output (S1/S6-40%)kW22 / 28
Torque (S1/S6-40%)Nm300 / 384
Max. speedmin-14000
Max. torque C-axesNm270
NC I – upper saddle right
X-axes – max. travelmm224 (Ø84 – 530)280 (Ø0 – 530)280 (Ø0 – 530)
Z-axes – max. travelmm238526202600
Rapid traverse X/Zmm.min-112 000 / 15 00012 000 / 15 00012 000 / 15 000
NC II – upper saddle left
U-axes – max. travelmm222 (Ø88 – 530)200 (Ø30 – 400)200 (Ø30 – 400)
W-axes – max. travemm181020302030
Rapid traverse U/Wmm.min-112 000 / 15 00012 000 / 15 00012 000 / 15 000
Axes X, Umm0,0060,0060,006
Axes Z, Wmm0,0130,0130,013
Steady rest
Axes Q – max. travelmm17251860300
Traverse of the restmm280280
Tailstock dia.mm190190
Tailstock travelmm180180
Tapper MORSE66
Machine dimensions
L x W x H (incl. chip nocveyor)mm8100 x 3435 x 22868124 x 3435 x 22308124 x 3435 x 2230
Machine weightkg27 00026 00026 000