DURMA AD-ES Electrical Press Brake

DURMA AD-ES CNC PRESS BRAKE serial can provide the production starting from 1250 mm table width to 2500 table width. It is also possible to apply different sizes in line with customer demands. Welding is performed on the machine body and upper table and all waste is prevented by stress relieving and appropriate processing technologies. The double pulley-belt system, precision ball screw, and nut connection, high torque-resistant bearing cylinder provide high precision bending results.

    High Energy Saving
    Decrease in operating costs
    Easy Cooling
    Operational reliability
    High availability
    Low investment cost
    System reliability
    Compliance with current technology
    Significant decrease in noise level
    Less measurement needing
    Ease of integration of control functions
    Low maintenance cost
    Compliance with European Union standards

    Precision belt-pulley system
    Upper table suitable for EURO / Wila type tools.
    Robust body structure with long life and high performance
    Electric Panels creating a safer working environment
    Servo motors providing high speed and high precision
    Ball screw and nut connection providing excellent power and motion transmission
    Back support system with Japanese Yaskawa motor and rigid aluminum body
    AP1-AP2 system with high mobility and aluminum miter

    Control Unit – DA-69T 3D touchscreen
    Y1, Y2, X, R (4-Axis) X=650mm Back Support (Al – Double Guide )
    CE Motorized FIESSLER AKAS-3 M + FPSC (with Security PLC)
    DBEND 3D bending edit and simulation
    Servo motor back support & linear guided & ballscrew system (X-R)
    Motorized crowning controlled via CNC Unit
    European type tool holding system
    Sliding Front arms – Sliding Front arms slide on full-length linear slides with T-Channel & Locking

    AD-ES Series Technical Details
    Machine TypesBending PowerBending LengthDistance Between  ColumsStrokeDaylight(D)Working Height(F)Approach SpeedBending SpeedRotation SpeedBack Gauge X axis LengthBack Gauge R axis LengthLengthWidthHeightWeight
    AD-ES 124040125013002004401000120-18020-40*120-1806502502150162528004500
    AD-ES 204040205020502004401000120-18020-40*120-1806502502870162528005600
    AD-ES 256060255025502004001000120-18020-40*120-1806502503370187532006600
    * According to CE norm, the bending speed should be maximum 10 mm / sec except for robotic use..

    Control Unit – DELEM-66T
    Control Unit – CNC ModEva19T
    Z1, Z2 axis
    CE Manual F.AKAS II M -FPSC-B-C Light protection (with security PLC)
    X=650mm X,R,Z1,Z2,Delta X +/- 125mm CNC Controlled (AL)
    X axis = 1000 mm – Back protection with light barriers
    Laser angle measurement system
    Quick Clamping System
    Hydraulic and Pneumatic tool holding system
    Upper and lower tool
    Central lubrication system
    Additional support finger and additional sliding front sheet metal support system
    Special packaging for overseas countries