elektrinės TP-Servo

DURMA TP SERVO Turret Punch press

TP SERVO Turret Punch
Providing energy efficiency, mineral oil does not require, green, Servo control Punch Machines.

  • TP Servo series utilizes an two servo lineer motor to drive the ram
    (eliminating the hydraulic power supply and chiller).
  • Electrical consumption is less than one-half of comparable hydraulic machines.
  • TP Servo offers significantly faster punching speeds than mechanical turrets.
  • Space-saving design makes the most of valuable floor space.

The TP Servo series turret punch press is packed with a wide variety of standard
features to help produce parts faster, easier and more economically.

    High Quality Forming

    Simplifies setup of progressive forms, flanges, and embossments. With roller technology are possible not only on straight geometries but also on curved and round areas. This method is of particular interest for sectors such as air conditioning technology. (Wheel tools, tapping tools) High speed marking.

    Auto Index Stations

    Provide maximum flexibility by simplifying tooling inventories and reducing tool setup time. Tools are rotatable in 0.01° increments enabling the processing of complex shaped parts with the minimum number of tools. Tool change takes less than 3 seconds to complete total turret movement and just 0,6 seconds for single tool.


    It is possible to process sheet length over table length without need to reposition.


    To evacuate parts during punching also with sorting and stacking capacity

    Motion and Table

    A new design of X and Y axis, direct drive technology is used. This will increase the performance and eliminates any loses from belts, gears or any transmission systems.

    Automatic Clamps

    When punching thinner material, one of the problem is to control the sheet movement at non clamping area. To eliminate this matter 3 clamps or more is available.

    Cadcam Software

    Programming time minimized by using fast and easy CAD-CAM software (cncKAD) metalix. By choosing the effective position of the tool automatically to use maximum area of the sheet, additional reposition and work strips is eliminated.

    Siemens Sinumerik 840 DSL control system

    • Command pedal
    • CAD-CAM software & Activator(Dongle)
    • Control unit, Siemens Sinumerik 840 D SL Windows 7 operating system
    • Remote diagnostic function
    • Programming on the control panel
    • Automatic clamp positioning.
    • Sheet set switches on clamps
    • Network, Ethernet communication.
    • Automatic tool lubrication
    • UPS for control panel
    • Movable scrap box
    • Brush table
    • Oil Cooler
    • USB Driver
    • Reposition on X axis
    • Alignment Tools for Index Stations (C+B Station) – ( for TP6, TP9)
    • Alignment Tools for Index Stations (D Station) – (for TP63, TPL63, TP93, TPL93,
    • TP123, TP Servo, TPL Servo)
    • Manual nesting
    • Light barriers for CE
    • Additional clamps
    • Table (brush&ball)
    • Tools, Tool holders, reducers
    • CAD-CAM SW Second activator (dongle)
    • SW for Autonesting, Wheel and Tapping tools
    • Sheet deformation alert switch
    • Turret cover for perforated sheets
    • Vacuum slug remover
    • Workchute
    • Automatic lubrication for the machine
    • Air condition for electrical box
    • Loading- Unloading preparation
    • Loading- Unloading system
    • Additional table
    • Special table
    • Transformator
    • UPS for machine ( 30KvA – 10 min )
    • Additional allignment tool
    Technical Details
    TP SeriesUnitTP 9TP 93TP 123TPL 93TP 123 SERVOTPL 93 SERVO
    Maximum tonnageTon20**20**30**30**20**20**
    Frame type˗O frameO frameO frameO frameO frameO frame
    X axis movementmm2000+ R2500+ R2500+ R3000+ R2500+ R3000+ R
    Y axis movement with single toolmm125012501250150012501500
    Automatic Repositioning range *mm10000*10000*10000*10000*10000*10000*
    Speed of Y axism/min707580608060
    Speed of X axism/min901001167011670
    Lateral speed Y + Xm/min11412514012014092
    Max. Hit rate  (1mm pitch, 1mm thickness)1/min1100110012001200535535
    Max. Hit rate (25mm pitch, 1mm thickness)1/min375375425325325325
    Max. Hit rate : Marking1/min2800280032002800820820
    Main cylinder strokemm404040404040
    Maximum punching strokemm252525252525
    Max. cutting thickness (Fixed Station)Mild Steel666666
    Stainless Steel333333
    Max. cutting thickness (Index Station)Mild Steel333333
    Stainless Steel1,51,51,51,51,51,5
    Positioning accuracymm± 0,1± 0,1± 0,1± 0,1± 0,1± 0,1
    Repeatable accuracymm± 0,05± 0,05± 0,05± 0,05± 0,05± 0,05
    Turret rotation speedrpm302020202020
    Auto index rotational speedrpm150150150150150150
    Max. weight of sheetkg100120120200120200
    Hard diskGbyte808080808080
    RAMGb SDRAM444444
    Network system˗Windows 7Windows 7Windows 7Windows 7Windows 7Windows 7
    Interactive Flat Panelinch19“19“19“19“19“19“
    Height   (H)mm231023102310231023152310
    Width  (without light barrier)  (W)mm420053605360630052606160
    Width  (with light barrier)mm620073607360830062606260
    Length  (without light barrier)   (L)mm560057505750665052606210
    Length  (with light barrier)mm660068006800765062607210
    Table heightmm940940940940940940
    Weight approxkg110001296012960182501400021500
    Hydraulic System MotorkW7,57,51515˗˗
    Oil tanklt180180240180˗˗
    Air pressurebar666666
    Number of Clampspcs.233434
    Holding force of clamps˗100010001000100010001000
    Table typeBrushBrushBrushBrushBrushBrush
    Energy ConsunptionKw/h7,57,515156,216,21
    A – fix 0.8-12.7 mmQty111111111111
    B – fix 12.8-31.7 mmpcs101111111111
    C – fix 31.8-50.8 mmpcs122222
    D – fix 50.9-88.9 mmpcs211111
    B – indeks 12.8-31.7 mmpcs2˗˗˗˗˗
    C- indeks 31.8-50.8 mmpcs1˗˗˗˗˗
    D- indeks 50.9-88.9 mmpcs˗33333
    * : Special table must be added to the machine and the light barriers must be located the correct position. Max.weight 100 kg.
    ** : Please pay attention to tool’s spring forces while considering about machine