Idroline s

CMS tecnocut idroline s, Hydro-abrasive Waterjet Cutting System


Hydro-abrasive Waterjet Cutting System

A proper cutting robot, designed with specific structural solutions for water-jet cutting technology, so as to ensure superior technological and productive performance. Extremely rigid fixed column gantry structure, designed to ensure long term maximum accuracy.

Higher efficiency: highly intuitive man/machine interface and new workpiece clamping system

Higher versatility: new machine sizes and wide range of supply accessories

Higher reliability: NC and digital drives for the total control of cutting parameters

Tecnocut idroline

    • Max capacity of support surface: 1000 kg/mq
    • Speed: 0->40000 mm/min
    • 15“ TFT colour screen, membrane Keyboard with built-in mouse.
    • External port for USB key interface (USB 256 Mb key supplied with the machine)
    • Connection to the computer network: RJ45 10/100 Mb connector.

    Hardware and software for the waterjet cutting system designed to offer simple and userfriendly management of all system functions, including conicity control (JD5) for 5-axis machining centres.


    Available solutions with one or two cutting heads and single or split working table for “pendulum-like” process (opt).


    • Compact design
    • Cutting from 0° to 62°
    • Automatic taper compensation (JDC)
    • Patented abrasive injection
    • New touch probe with incorporated anticollision detection
    • Infinite HP joint rotation
    • Compatible with the latest orifices
    • Reduced mechanic components subjected to fatigue
    • Monitoring of cutting components wear
    • Direct drive servomotors
    • Infinite rotation for nesting cut without breakpoints
    • High positioning accuracy
    • High mechanical strength
    • High cutting speeds and accelerations
    • Taper compensation up to 60° tilt angle
    • 3D machining
    • Possibility to carry out countersinking and chamfering for ready-toweld profiles
    X AXIS3000 mm (2heads) 3300 mm (1head)4000 mm (2heads) 4250 mm (1head)
    Y AXIS1700 mm2000 mm
    Z AXIS350 mm (200 mm with 5-axis head)350 mm (200 mm with 5-axis head)
    B AXIS+/- 60°+/- 60°
    R AXISØ Min/Max Tubi / Tubes 42>400mm / Length max 2570 mm / Weight max 400 kgØ Min/Max Tubi / Tubes 42>400mm / Length max 2570 mm / Weight max 400 kg
    BED SIZE3700×2050 mm4650×2050 mm
    OVERALL DIMENSIONS5700x2700x h 3700 mm6700x3000x h 3800 mm
     WEIGHT (EMPTY)4000 Kg4500 Kg