CMS tecnocut easyline, Waterjet Cutting Robot

Three-axis hydroabrasive waterjet cutting robot with up to 2 x 4 m work range.

With tecnocut easyline, Tecnocut CMS gives each customer the possibility to have an advanced system at a very reasonable investment. Twenty years of experience and technological advances allowed us to manufacture high performance equipment that can reduce your production costs. All strictly made in Italy.

    • The cantilever structure, with a separate tank, allows an easy access to the worktable. Loading and removing material is quick and easy.
    • All axes’ motions are carried out through hardened and ground rack and pinion.
    • The thermowelded bellows provide complete protection of the guides and the rack from water and dust.
    • The steel structure undergoes an anti-rust treatment through sandblasting and ceramic painting, which results in a higher resistance against corrosion.

    The tank is set up for the installation of a dredge system for the abrasive removal

    • Highly constant pressure and no accumulator
    • Higher stability of the dynamic pressure signal as a guarantee to achieve a superior quality cut. Lower wear of all machining centre high-pressure circuit components, longer life of materials and reduced maintenance.
    • The technology of independent cylinders allows shutdown of any cylinder that needs servicing. This means the operator can choose the maintenance schedule, without stop the machine.
    • Software-based electronic control of cutting pressure.
    • Electronic monitoring of temperature, pressure and filter clogging.
    • Hydraulic pump with variable flow rates.
    • Hydraulic cylinders return circuit with independent pump.
    • Air/Oil exchanger for hydraulic circuit cooling (water/oil option).
    • It can be connected to any Stand Alone cutting system.
    X AXIS1000 mm2000 mm4000 mm6000 mm
    Y AXIS1000 mm2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm
    Z AXIS220 mm (150 mm/with 5-axis head)220 mm (150 mm/with 5-axis head)220 mm (150 mm/with 5-axis head)220 mm (150 mm/with 5-axis head)
    B AXIS+/- 60°+/- 60°+/- 60°+/- 60°
    BED SIZE1210 x 1225 mm2210 x 2225 mm4210 x 2225 mm6210 x 2225 mm
    OVERALL DIMENSIONS WITH LIGHT BARRIERS4680 x 4174 mm5680 x 5174 mm5680 x 7208 mm5680 x 9242 mm