AJAN plazminio pjovimo staklės


Ajan Electronics produces all machine parts in its own factories; the plasma generator, CNC unit, cutting torch, consumables,servo motors, moving parts, all electronic parts and steel structure,which gives the company a great sales and after sales services advantage.

  • Microjoint feature (preventing small parts from falling down by connecting them with the main plate through mini bridges)
  • Optimizing the hole quality by using the OPTOHOLE technology.
  • Automatic sheet metal reference point.

Steel structure.
Dual side rack, pinion system AC Servo motor on X axis, and Y axis.
Precision Plasma 130/260 Ampere .
Standard Marking on Precision Plasma.
Automatic torch height control.
Effective cutting without reducing the cutting speed for the vectors
which have the same start and end angles (High speed machining ).
The ability to go back to any position and resume cutting.
Resume feature.
Working with standard DIN/ISO G Codes.
Possibility of working with DXF,ESSI and NC toolpath files.
The possibilty to override all the parameters while the machine is working
Free AJAN Drawing software.
15 m/min. rapid traverse speed.
X axis can be increased on request.
Optional ventilation system.
Nesting Software package

MaterialAmperageGasMin. ThicknessPiercing ThicknessMax. ThicknessPlasma cutting gas consumption (Lt/Min.)
Mild Steel30 AMPO2 /O20.5 mm6 mm6 mm36,5
40 AMPO2 /AIR2 mm6 mm6 mm4,5
80 AMPO2 /AIR2 mm15 mm20 mm10
130 AMPO2 /AIR3 mm25 mm30 mm16
260 AMPO2 /AIR6 mm40 mm65 mm28,5
260 AMPH35 /N240 mm40 mm100 mm –
Stainless Steel45 AMPN2 /N20,8 mm4 mm4 mm70
F5 /N20,8 mm6 mm6 mm9.5 (F5) / 20 (N2)
80 AMPF5 /N24 mm10 mm10 mm19.5 (F5) / 28 (N2)
AIR /AIR3 mm10 mm10 mm –
130 AMPN2 /N26 mm15 mm20 mm78,5
AIR /AIR6 mm15 mm20 mm –
H35 /N210 mm20 mm25 mm30 (H35) / 48.5 (N2 )
260 AMPAIR /AIR6 mm25 mm50 mm –
H35 /N210 mm40 mm100 mm32 (H35) / 123 (N2)
Aluminium45 AMPN2 /N21,2 mm4 mm6 mm52
130 AMPAIR /AIR6 mm20 mm25 mm –
H35 /N26 mm20 mm25 mm29 (H35) / 40 (N2)
260 AMPAIR /AIR6 mm25 mm100 mm –
H35 /N26 mm40 mm50 mm35 (H35 / 114 (N2)


Video ThumbnailAJAN CNC optional bevel head - youtube Video

Compact Design
The Worlds Lightest Bevel Head
Full Collision Protection
Beveling Range From 0 to 45° Deg. (0-60° optional)
Maximum Rotation Angle 540°
With One Button Press You Can Change The Cutting From Square to Bevel
Different weld grooves Y – Groove, V-Groove,Bevel-Square-Bevel,
X – Groove, Different Thicknesses

Click the picture and see different OXY-FUEL CNC PLASMA MACHINE LAYOUTS

Video ThumbnailAJAN plasma filter - youtube Video


Ajan Jet Filter System are specially designed for heavy industry conditions. As a result of long lasting research and development work; with less air consumption and automatic filter cleaning property, the operation costs are reduced to minimum.


  • Efficient filtering, more than 99%
  • Filtering is done, by applying pulse pressure
  • Flame resistant filters
  • High volume particles collecting buckets
  • Self cleaning feature
  • Low operation costs

P3 1.2 GHz Cpu.

Motherboard with P3 support.

32 MB VGA Card.

10/100 Mbps Ethernet Card.

USB support.

128 MB Ram PC133 MHz.

10 GB HDD.

17” LCD Monitor.

PS/2 mouse.

Data transfer.

Local area network.

USB Flash Disc.

All inclusive control panel (Dryer, ventilation, generator, jet filter)
Free AJAN CAD program and Geometric Shapes Library.
Automatically cutting resume at break point after electricity shut down.
Working with standard ESSI, ISO, G codes. DXF files.
Leaves kerf width on the program to the cutting process.
Free software updates from the internet.
Language options as; Turkish and English.
Automatically defining the sheet metal angle.
The CNC Unit is made completly in AJAN Company so the client can get all his service
needs, solutions and spare parts directly from AJAN.