AJAN dujinio pjovimo staklės

Ajan CNC Oxy-fuel cutting system

Ajan Oxy-fuel cutting system with its CNC control unit provides an efficient cutting up to 200 mm thickness of mild steel. An optional manual bevel cutting adapter is availabvle.

Multi head oxy fuel cutting possibility.

Automatic torch height control.

Automatic oxy fuel ignition.

Automatic or manual CNC gas control ( console )

Quickly switching between Plasma and Oxy mode on the keyboard.

Nesting Software package

Video ThumbnailAJAN oxy cnc two head - youtube Video


All inclusive control panel (Dryer, ventilation, generator, jet filter)

Free AJAN CAD program and Geometric Shapes Library.

Automatically cutting resume at break point after electricity shut down.

Working with standard ESSI, ISO, G codes. DXF files.

Leaves kerf width on the program to the cutting process.

Free software updates from the internet.

Automatically defining the sheet metal angle.

The CNC Unit is made completly in AJAN Company so the client can get all his service needs, solutions and spare parts directly from AJAN.

P3 1.2 GHz Cpu

Motherboard with P3 support

32 MB VGA Card

10/100 Mbps Ethernet Card

USB support

128 MB Ram PC133 MHz


17” LCD Monitor

PS/2 mouse

Data transfer

Local area network

USB Flash Disc



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