BS 400 SHI

IMET BS 400 SHI Semiautomatic hydraulic bandsaw

Semiautomatic hydraulic bandsaw, for medium and heavy steelwork, mitre cutting up to 60° left and 45° right.
Hydraulic vice with adjustable guides, free to move alongside the worktable, with quick motion and clamping.
Easy stops at 0°, 45°, 60° left and 45° right. Adjustment of the blade tension from the front side of the saw-frame, checked by an end-stroke. Blade guides with hard metal pads, additional bearing for blade alignment.
Steel saw frame with tubular section, pulleys 360 mm. diameter.
Mechanical device (position sensor) that allows the saw frame to lower quickly toward the material and detect automatically the start-cut point.
Wide working space 460 mm diameter with rotating table integral with the saw frame to avoid incisions of the table, rotation on thrust ring with pre-loaded thrust bearing.
Cutting Capacity: rounds till 310 mm., square till 280 mm. and rectangular till 400×250 mm.


    Minimal lubrication system OPTIONAL

    It is possible to require , for all Imet machines, the minimal lubrication system , it avoids the dispersion of refrigerant liquid typical in the use of emulsifiable oil, the life of the blade is not in any way affected.

    Column SHI

    All Imet saws are designed to move the column by forklift.

    Hydraulic vertical vice BS 350 SHI OPTIONAL

    For saws model BS 350 (only SHI) it is possible to request a vertical hydraulic piston controlled by the vertical movement of the main vice.

    Position Sensor Device BS 400

    In all semiautomatic and automatic saws the detection of the start point of cutting occurs automatically through the position sensor device .

    Foot Pedal Control OPTIONAL

    Upon request for semi-automatic sawing machines a foot pedal control is available.



    Roller tables KS

    Roller tables with free rolls to be used both on loading side and unloading side , with electrowelded steel structure, element of 1,5 meters, support pads and a pedestal. Fitted for the ground fixing and with possibility of regulation of the height.

    Roller tables RTP

    Loading-unloading tables with motorized movement of the length stop with the possibility to plan 10 different lengths through PLC . Movement through toothed strap and geared motor on ball recirculation guides . Length stop through pneumatic cylinder. Reading of the position through encoder and rack. Available in forms of 3 meters. Automatic withdrawal of 50 mm to facilitate the unload of the cut piece, return in position through a button on the control.

    Roller tables RTL

    Roller tables with free rolls to be used on the unloading side, with manual movement, length stop and reading of the measure through LCD display, the length stop slides on balls recirculation guide, available in forms from 3 meters.

    IMET BS 400 SHI
    Area angular cut ° -45 / 90 / +30
    Cutting capacity at 90°: round / square / rectangular mm. 310 / 280 / 400 x 250
    Blade dimensions mm. 4020 x 34 x 1.1
    Blade Motor Power KW 1.5/2.2 or 2.2 ESC
    Blade speed RPM 37/74
    Dimensions ( B x L x H ) mm. 1530 x 1790 x 2240
    Height of the work-table mm. 940
    Weight Kg 680
    Type of functioning Semiautomatic hydraulic
    Suitable for cutting: Steel / cast iron